A passion for tech with a focus on people.

What we do

codekultur is a software development partner and a software studio.

We build high quality and reliable software solutions, focusing on performance, scalability and maintainability by combining industry best practices with modern tools and proven methodologies.

We are a cross-functional team of software developers, architects and business consultants with a well defined, battle-tested process of converting your business requirements into state of the art, real world software products.

Work on things that matter

At codekultur, we strive for impact.

We are a community of makers and creators who can't stand still and never settle for anything less then the best solution. Lifetime learners, we cultivate domain expertise, cross-competence collaboration, and unconventional skill combinations.

We envision a better world powered by innovative and sustainable technology. codekultur is a group of courageous people working together towards that vision.

Meet our codekultur team

We are an international team with Lisbon based headquarters.

Paulo Diogo

Paulo Diogo

Lifetime learner and self-taught developer, well focused on clean code and best practices, with a keen eye for details.

Sascha Gros

Sascha Gros

A senior software developer and solution architect with extensive experience in full-stack JavaScript and a knack for clean code and testing.